Valdez, Alaska - Little Switzerland!

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Valdez - Alaska's Little Switzerland and the port for the TransAlaska Pipeline!

Valdez rests on the edge of Prince William Sound, which is home to the Columbia and Mears glaciers. It plays a key role in the Alaskan tourist industry as most Cruise lines dock in the port. And it is important to the oil industry - the southern terminus of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline is located here.

But Valdez is really known by its disasters. The 1964 Good Friday Earthquake hit Valdez with a magnitude of 9.2, destroying almost the entire town. Deciding that it was better to be safe than sorry, the town packed up and rebuilt two miles from the original site on more solid ground. In 1989 the Exxon Valdez oil tanker hit a rock and drenched the beaches and water with oil. It drew world-wide attention for the plight of the thousands of animals that were killed and injured and the miles of beach that was spoiled. But nature has regenerated itself and you won't see anything today.

Despite it's troubled past, today's Valdez is a thriving community. Flanked by the Alp-like Chugach Mountains, Valdez is sometimes referred to as Alaska's Little Switzerland. Snowboarders and skiers flock to Thompson pass to enjoy the fresh snows.

But more popular by far are the tours of Prince William Sound. Abounding with wildlife, its members include sea otters, whales, and Stellar sea lions. Gulls and puffins make their homes on the rocky walls of the fjords. Yet it is the majestic glaciers that draw most of our visitors here.

So take some time to visit the Sound. Try a half or full-day boat cruise. Or perhaps you'd prefer an aerial view? Float plane and helicopter tours are avilable.

Other fun activities include fishing - try participating in one of the fishing derbies that run throughout the summer. Or perhaps you have a hankering to go kayaking or river rafting. There is lots to do in Valdez if you like the outdoors; it is one of the most beautiful and entertaining spots in the world.

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